United States

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Pana O’ahu: Sacred Stones, Sacred Lands (Hawaii)

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The Rebirth of Pan: Hidden Faces of the American Earth Spirit

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House of Rain: Tracking a Vanished Civilization Across the American Southwest

David, Gary A.
The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest

Journey of the Serpent People, Hopi Migrations and Star Constellations

Star Shrines and Earthworks of the Desert Southwest

Mirror of Orion: Star Knowledge of the Ancient World

The Orion Dimension: Hopi Cosmology, Earth Enigmas and Celestial Secrets

Devereux, Paul
Mysterious Ancient America: An Investigation into the Enigmas of America’s Pre-History

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Ancient America’s Stone Relics: Vermont’s Links to Bronze Age Mariners

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The Settlement of the Americas: A New Prehistory

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Vision Quest: Men, Women and the Sacred Sites of the Sioux Nation

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Native Nations, A Millennium in North America

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Cuchama and Sacred Mountains

Farley, Gloria
In Plain Sight: Old World Records in Ancient America

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America B.C., Ancient Settlers in the New World

Frank, Emilie A.
Mt. Shasta: California’s Mystic Mountain

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Before Columbus: Links between the Old World and Ancient America

Gulliford, Andrew
Sacred Objects, Sacred Places, Preserving Tribal Traditions

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The Mystery of the Serpent Mound: In Search of the Alphabet of the Gods

Holzer, Hans
Long Before Columbus: How the Ancients Discovered America

Imbrogno, Philip & Horrigan, Marianne
Celtic Mysteries in New England

Celtic Mysteries, Windows to Another Dimension in America’s Northeast

James, Van
Ancient Sites of Maui, Molokai and Lanai: Archaeological Places of Interest in the Hawaiin Islands

Jett, Stephen C.
An Introduction to Navajo Sacred Places

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Aboriginal Structures in Georgia

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Sacred Sites: A Guidebook to Sacred Centers and Mysterious Places in the U.S

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Astronomy and Ceremony in the Prehistoric Southwest

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Navajo Sacred Places

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Hidden Cities: The Discovery and Loss of Ancient North American Civilization

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Lost World: Rewriting Prehistory – How New Science is Tracing America’s Ice Age Mariners

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The Sacred Geography of the American Mound Builders

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Mound Builders: Edgar Cayce’s Forgotten Record of Ancient America

Native American Mounds in Alabama, An Illustrated Guide to Public Sites

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Prehistoric Astronomy in the Southwest

Mavor, James W. Jr. & Byron Dix
Manitou: The Sacred Landscape of New England's Native Civilization

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Indian Mounds of the Atlantic Coast

Indian Mounds of the Middle Ohio Valley

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Sacred Land, Sacred View: Navajo Perception of the Four Corners Region

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Sacred Places in North America: A Journey Into the Medicine Wheel

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The Moundbuilders: Ancient Peoples of Eastern North America

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Prehistoric Architecture in the Eastern United States

Ancient Architecture of the Southwest

Precolumbian Architecture in Eastern North America

Olsen, Brad
Sacred Places of North America, 108 Destinations

Ovason, David
The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital

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Atlantic Crossings Before Columbus

Reed, Nelson
Monks and Other Mississippian Mounds, Explorations into Cahokia Archaeology

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Pilgrimage in the United States

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In Search of the Old Ones: Exploring the Anasazi World of the Southwest

The Lost World of the Old Ones: Discoveries in the Ancient Southwest

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Shamans of the Lost World, A Cognitive Approach to the Prehistoric Religion of the Ohio Hopewell

An Archaeology of the Sacred, Adena-Hopewell Astronomy and Landscape Archaeology

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Where Legends Live; A Pictorial Guide to Cherokee Mythic Places

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Journal of the Ancient (North American) Earthworks Society

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Mound Builders of Ancient America

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The Indigenous Paleolithic of the Western Hemisphere

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Magickal Places: A Wiccan Guide to Sacred Sites and Spiritual Centers

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The Search For Lost America

Field Guide to Mysterious Places of the West

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Sacred Earth: The Spiritual Landscape of North America

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Mountain Dialogue

The Book of the Hopi

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Hawaiin Legends of Volcanoes

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Living in the Sky: The Cosmos of the American Indian

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Axis of the World: The Search for the Oldest American Civilization

Woods, Ralph L. & Henry F.
Pilgrim Places in North America: A Guide to Catholic Shrines