Geomancy and Earth Mysteries

Burke, John & Kaj Halberg
Seeds of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty: Understanding the Lost Technology of the Ancient Megalith-Builders

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Ancient Energies of the Earth: An Extraordinary Journey into the Earth’s Natural Energy System

Korp, Maureen
Sacred Art of the Earth: Ancient and Contemporary Earthworks

Mann, Nicholas R.
Energy Secrets of Glastonbury Tor

Michell, John
City of Revelation

The Earth Spirit: Its Ways, Shrines and Mysteries

Secrets of the Stones

The New View Over Atlantis

Twelve-Tribe Nations and the Science of Enchanting the Landscape

At the Center of the World: Polar Symbolism Discovered in Celtic, Norse and Other Ritualized Landscapes

Miller, Hamish & Paul Broadhurst
The Sun and the Serpent: An Investigation into Earth Energies

The Dance of the Dragon: An Odyssey into Earth Energies and Ancient Religion

Milner, George R.
The Moundbuilders: Ancient Peoples of Eastern North America

Newman, Hugh
Earth Grids: The Secret Patterns of Gaia’s Sacred Sites

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The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital (USA)

Pennick, Nigel
The Ancient Science of Geomancy

Beginnings: Geomancy, Builder’s Rites and Electional Astrology in the European Tradition

Richer, Jean
Sacred Geography of the Ancient Greeks: Astrological Symbolism in Art, Architecture and Landscape

Roy, Rob
Stone Circles: A Modern Builder’s Guide to the Megalithic Revival

Poynder, Michael
PI in the Sky: A Revelation of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition

Screeton, Paul
Quicksilver Heritage: The Mystic Leys, Their Legacy of Ancient Wisdom

Power in Temples: A New Look through Modern Science

Thurnell-Read, Jane
Geopathic Stress: How Earth Energies Affect our Lives