Sacred Earth

Places of Peace and Power

Sacred Earth Book

Sacred Earth is written and photographed by Martin Gray and published by Sterling Publishing. Sacred Earth is the culmination of twenty-five years of travel to hundreds of sacred sites in more than one hundred countries. The book features two hundred beautiful color photographs with concise descriptions, an informative and intriguing introductory essay, National Geographic maps showing the locations of sacred sites around the world and a fine bibliography. 

Sacred Life


We have living beings shown on our money, let’s use that money to protect them.

During the past twenty-five years thousands of species of animals, birds, fish and plants have been taken to the brink of extinction and beyond because of mankind’s destruction of the natural world. The rate of extinction is increasing every day with more than one species currently becoming extinct every 20 minutes.

The nations of the world spend trillions of dollars on weapons and military expenditures, but only a fraction of that on the protection of the natural world. The living species we humans share the planet with have as much right to life as we do and it is only through our actions that we can protect and save them.

Featuring hundreds of close-up photographs of beautiful coins from around the world and showing a large variety of animals, plants, birds and fish, Sacred Life is a visual feast and a plea for respect of the natural world. These are not valuable coins but they illustrate the greatest value of all, which is life. Money can cause harm or promote life. The choice is ours.

Martin Gray is a National Geographic photographer whose work focuses on the protection of art, sacred architecture and cultural diversity. He has traveled extensively in more than one-hundred and twenty five countries. His books include The Geography of Religion by National Geographic and Sacred Earth by Barnes & Noble. His web site, World Pilgrimage Guide at is visited by millions of people each year.

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