Places ofPeace and PowerPeace and Power

Sacred Sites of the United States

Mt. McKinley (Denali)
Mt. St. Elias
Sitka National Park, Tongass Island

Ribbon Falls, Grand Canyon
Mount Graham
I’ito (Montezuma’s Head), Pima County
‘Oks Daha (Old Woman Sitting), Pima County
Mt. Humphreys (Doko O Sliid)
Canyon de Chelly ruins
Mt. Baboquivari
Meteor Crater
Mt. Newberry (Yuman sacred mountain)
Black Mesa, Hopi reservation
Superstition mountains
Zuni sacred lake at junction of Little Colorado and Zuni rivers

Hot Springs National Park

Mt. Shasta
Mt. Tamalpais
Mt. Diablo
San Jacinto
Mt. Lassen
Joshua Tree national monument
Mt. Cuchama (Tecate)
Soldier mountain (Simolaki mountain, sacred to Ajumawi Indians)
Conception Point, near Santa Barbara (Chumash sacred site)

Indian Burial Rock, El Paso County
Great Sand Dunes
Mt. Blanca (Sisnajini)
Mt. Hesperus (Dibe’ Nitsaa)
Pagosa Springs
Island Lake, La Plata Mountains

Crystal River mounds
Panther mound, Everglades
Mount Royal mounds
Lake Jackson mounds, near Tallahassee

Stone Mountain
Ocmulgee Park
Etowah mounds, Cartersville

Haleakala volcano, Maui
Mauna Kea volcano, Hawaii
Piilanihale Heiau temple, Maui
Moku’ula, Maui, Hawaii
Iao Valley, Maui, Hawaii
Mo’ okini Luakini Heiau, Hawaii
Pu’ uhonua O Honaunau, Honauna Bay, Hawaii
Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii (birthplace of Pele, goddess of volcanoes)
Kaulu Paoa Heiau, Kauia Island

Smoking Place, Bitterroot Mountains
Heart of the Monster, Nez Perce holy place, Clearwater River, near Klamath

Monks mound, Cahokia, near Collinsville
Kincaid mounds

Mounds State Park
Angel mounds

Effigy mounds national monument, Marquette
Bear mound

Poverty Point mound, Epps
Watson Brake mound, near Monroe
Natchez mounds
Tchefuncte mounds
Marksville mounds, near Monroe

Mt. Katahdin

Norton mounds
Sleeping Bear Dunes, near Empire

Pipestone Quarry, Pipestone National Monument
Jeffers Petroglyph site, Jeffers

Emerald mound, Tupelo

Medicine Tree site, Ravalli county
Annashisee Lisaxpuatahcheeashiee (Big Horn Medicine Wheel)
Chief Mountain, Montana (Mt. Ninaistakis; sacred to Blackfeet Indians)
Giant Springs
Sweetgrass Hills

Pahuk Pawnee hill, north of Cedar bluffs, eastern Nebraska

Cave Rock, Douglas county
Spirit Mountain (Avi Kwa ‘Ame), Clark county
Avikwa’ame (Spirit mountain), Grapevine Canyon, Laughlin (Yuman sacred place)

New Hampshire
Mt. Washington
Mystery Hill, Salem

New Mexico
Mt. Taylor (Tsoodzil), New Mexico
Chaco Canyon Anasazi ruins, New Mexico
White Sands dunes, New Mexico
Chimayo church, New Mexico
Ute Mountain, New Mexico
Blue Lake, New Mexico
Gobernador Nob, New Mexico
Shiprock, New Mexico
Mt. Huerfano, New Mexico
Truchas Peaks, New Mexico
Chicoma Mountain, New Mexico (Tewa sacred mountain)
Mt. Conjilon, New Mexico
Mt. Capitan, New Mexico (Mescalero Apache sacred mountain)
Mt. San Augustin, New Mexico (Mescalero Apache sacred mountain)
Mt. Salinas, New Mexico (Mescalero Apache sacred mountain)
Hosta Butte (‘Ak’i Dah Nast’ani’) south of Chaco Canyon
Bandelier Nat. Monument; Stone Lion shrines of Yapashi, near Running Eagle Falls
Petroglyphs National Monument, New Mexico

New York
Mt. Marcy
Balanced Rock, North Salem
Shrine of Birthplace of Kateria Tekakwitha, Auriesville
Shrine of Illumination of Kateria Tekakwitha, Fonda

North Carolina
Mt. Richland-Balsam
Pilot mountain

Serpent Mound, Ohio

Antelope and Buffalo springs, Arbuckle mountains
Spiro Mounds State Park

Wallowa Lake
Wizard Island, Crater Lake
Mt. Hood

South Dakota
Harney Peak
Wind Cave
Buffalo Gap
Mnikata hot springs
Craven canyon
Inyan Kara mountain, Crook County, Black Hills
Bear Butte, South Dakota (Noaha-vose Cheyenne Sacred Mountain)
Bad Lands, South Dakota

Enchanted Rock, near Fredericksburg
Mt. Guadalupe (Mescalero Apache sacred mountain)

Hovenweep ruins
Mt. Zion

Mount Adams
Snoqualmie Falls
Mt. Ranier (Tacoma), Washington

West Virginia

Aztalan mound, Lake Mills
Temple mounds
Blue Mound State Park

Old Baldy
Devil’s Tower
Big Horn Medicine Wheel, near Lovell

For detailed information and locations regarding many of the above places consult the following books:

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