Nomadics: Strength with Martin Gray

STRENGTH--ENDURANCE: This form blends fluid isometric exercises with aerobic and anaerobic conditioning to develop the power and endurance of all the body's major muscle groups. The 30 exercises of this form duplicate classic weightlifting movements(without the use of weights) with a greater range of motion and with no chance of strain or injury. While rapidly building physical strength, practice of this form also increases self-confidence and personal discipline.

Nomadics is a unique synthesis of athletic and dance exercises, physical therapy techniques, and meditation practices from around the world. A comprehensive exercise system consisting of four distinct movement forms, Nomadics effectively develops flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance and balance. In addition to their physical benefits, the Nomadics exercises also yield psychological and spiritual results.

The exercises are called Nomadics because they are ideal for nomads, travelers, or anyone who is either unwilling or unable to visit gyms and sports clubs. The Nomadics exercise system is uniquely designed to benefit both the beginner and advanced athlete.

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