• Cheju Do
  • Easter Island Aku Aku View
  • Golden Temple
  • Mecca Great Mosque
  • Meteora Rousanou
  • Mt Olympus
  • Parthenon
  • Stonehenge Aerial
  • Uxmal Pyramid Of Magician
  • White Sands

World Pilgrimage Guide

Since ancient times, certain places have had a powerful attraction for billions of people worldwide. Known as sacred sites and pilgrimage places, they are the most revered locations of human civilization.

National Geographic photographer Martin Gray has spent forty years visiting 2000 sacred sites in more than one hundred sixty countries. On this website Martin discusses their mythology, history and contemporary importance.

The website shows the locations of these pilgrimage places and many hundreds of beautiful sacred site photographs.

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New Book! Secret Sacred Sites

Martin Gray has traveled to over 160 countries, and brought back photographs of hundreds of lesser-known sacred sites. In this book, Martin presents us with his favorite places, the result of a lifetime's quest.

Discover the world's secret sacred sites.

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Watch Martin's interview with the American Theosophical Society.

The Power of Place: Sacred Sites and the Presence of the Miraculous

Read the Introduction to Martin's book Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth is available as a large-format book.