This is the first newsletter I have sent in more than sixteen months, since I returned to the United states from Argentina in January of 2020. During that time I have, as usual, read a large amount of fiction, non-fiction, and global news. I have also added several new sections to the World Pilgrimage Guide website, the most exciting of which is a section called Photo Galleries. Go ahead and click the following link and you will find a list of more than forty galleries that display some of my most lovely photographs of sacred sites in different countries around the world. Beneath the photographs in each of these galleries you will find a list of links giving valuable information on each of the places shown.

This July, I will embark on another of my pilgrimage journeys, this time to the countries of Turkey, Iraq, and Albania (followed by India, Taiwan, Japan and Korea). It will be my 4th time to Turkey, my 2nd time to Albania, and my 1st time to Iraq. As I do in every country I visit, I will rent cars and drive extensively to visit and photograph a variety of sacred sites and pilgrimage places. Sometime later in 2021, I will place photo galleries for each of these countries on the World Pilgrimage Guide website.

Interview with Martin Gray by the Theosophical Society. 

A month ago I was honored to be interviewed by the Theosophical Society and you can watch that interview here.

Recommended books:

Spirits in Stone, The Secrets of Megalithic America; Glenn Kreisberg

How the World Is Made, The History of Creation According to Sacred Geometry; John Michell

Revelations from the Source; Barbara Hand Clow

Move, The Forces Uprooting Us; Parag Khanna

Closing words:

I have something very simple to say here, which I have been saying for the past four decades. It is the answer I almost always give to people when I am asked questions about what to do in life, or how to help make the world a better place, or how to deal with the stresses of life. My answer is to Get up each morning and put goodness and beauty into the world. Doing this will make you feel much better and it is the most wonderful thing you can do for everything around you. 


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