Places ofPeace and PowerPeace and Power

Ley Lines, Planetary Grids, and Earth Energies

Bryant, Page
The Earth Changes Survival Handbook

The Spiritual Reawakening of the Great Smoky Mountains

Cathie, Bruce L.
The Pulse of the Universe: Harmonic 288

The Bridge to Infinity: Harmonic 371244

Childress, David H.
Anti-Gravity and the World Grid

Cowan, David and Anne Silk
Ancient Energies of the Earth: An Extraordinary Journey into the Earth’s Natural Energy System

Devereux, Paul
Places of Power, Secret Energies at Ancient Sites: A Guide to Observed or Measured

Shamanism and the Mystery Lines: Ley Lines, Spirit Paths, Shape-Shifting & Out-of-Body

Lines on the Landscape: Leys and other Linear Enigmas

with Ian Thompson; The Ley Hunter's Companion

Earthmind - Is the Earth Alive

with Paul McCartney; Earthlights

Lincoln, Henry
Key to the Sacred Pattern: The Untold Story of Rennes-le-Chateau

Merz, Blanche
Points of Cosmic Energy

Miller, Hamish & Paul Broadhurst
The Sun and the Serpent: An Investigation into Earth Energies

The Dance of the Dragon: An Odyssey into Earth Energies and Ancient Religion

Pennick, Nigel
The Ancient Science of Geomancy

Poynder, Michael
PI in the Sky: A Revelation of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition

Screeton, Paul
Quicksilver Heritage: The Mystic Leys, Their Legacy of Ancient Wisdom

Power in Temples: A New Look through Modern Science

Stone, Alby

Straight Track and Crooked Road: Leys, Spirit Paths and Shamanism

Sullivan, Danny
Ley Lines: A Comprehensive Guide to Alignments

Temple,Robert K.G.
The Sirius Mystery

Thurnell-Read, Jane
Geopathic Stress: How Earth Energies Affect Our Lives

Timpson, John
Timpson’s Leylines: A Layman Tracking the Leys

Watkins, Alfred
The Old Straight Track

Early British Trackways

The Ley Hunters Manual - A Guide to Early Tracks, Sites and Mark Stones

Williamson, Tom and Liz Bellamy
Ley Lines in Question

Zink, David
The Ancient Stones Speak