Contributing Factors

Factors  Contributing to the Power of Place

There are more than a dozen factors that contribute to the presence of energy fields at the sacred sites. The discussion that follows is certainly not a complete commentary on the subject. More factors could be added to the list, and chapters, if not entire books, could be written on several. These factors are not listed in any order of importance. No such thing as a "most sacred place" exists in the world, and no factor contributing to the power of a place is the single most important. A constellation of factors comes into play, and we must view them as a horizontal grouping rather than a vertical or hierarchical ranking. Our list begins with the fundamental aspect of any site - the Earth itself - and continues with the human inputs into the site, both structural and intentional. Not all sacred sites, or types of sites, will have each of these factors. Some sites will have more or less than other sites. According to my understanding, it is the combination of several of these factors, rather than just one, that catalyzes the psychological and physiological effects in human beings.