Places ofPeace and PowerPeace and Power

Atlantis, Pre-flood and Ancient Civilization

Alford, Alan F.
The Phoenix Solution: Secrets of a Lost Civilization

Allan, D.S. and J.B. Delair
Cataclysm! Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 BC

Baigent, Michael
Ancient Traces: Mysteries in Ancient and Early History

Benford, Gregory
Deep Time: How Humanity Communicates Across Millennia

Brennan, Herbie
The Atlantis Enigma

Clow, Barbara H.
Catastrophobia: The Truth Behind Earth Changes in the Coming Age of Light

Clube, V. & W. Napier
The Cosmic Serpent

Collins, Andrew
Gods of Eden: Egypt’s Lost Legacy and the Genesis of Civilization

Gateway to Atlantis: The Source of a Lost Civilization

From the Ashes of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race

Dietrich, Thomas
The Origin of Culture

Donnelly, Ignatius
Atlantis: The Antediluvian World

Feuerstein, Georg, Subhash Kak and David Frawley
In Search of the Cradle of Civilization

Furlong, David
The Keys to the Temple:Unraveling the Mysteries of the Ancient World

Gilbert, Adrian
Signs in the Sky: The Astrological & Archaeological Evidence for the Birth of a New Age

Hapgood, Charles H.
Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings

Path of the Pole: Cataclysmic Pole Shift Geology

Hancock, Graham
Fingerprints of the Gods

Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization

Joseph, Frank
The Lost Civilization of Lemuria: The Rise and Fall of the World’s Oldest Culture

Kenyon, J. Douglas (ed.)
Forbidden History: Prehistoric Technologies, Extraterrestrial Intervention, and the Suppressed Origins of Civilization

Knight, Christopher and Robert Lomas
Uriel’s Machine:The Prehistoric Technology that Survived the Flood

Knight, Christopher & Alan Butler
Civilization One: The World is Not as you Thought it Was

La Violette, Paul
Beyond the Big Bang: Ancient Myth and the Science of Continuous Creation

Earth Under Fire: Humanity’s Survival of the Apocalypse

Mallory, J.P.
In Search of the Indo-Europeans: Language, Archaeology and Myth

The Tarim Mummies: Ancient China and the Mystery of the Earliest Peoples from the West

Marschak, Alexander
The Roots of Civilization

Oppenheimer, Stephen
Eden in the East: The Drowned Continent of Southeast Asia

Piskorz-Natecki, Jerzy Wojciech
Deluges, The True End of the Ice Age and the Beginning of Global Warming

Ryan, William and Walter Pitman
Noah’s Flood: New Scientific Discoveries about the Event that Changed History

Schoch, Robert M.
Voice of the Rocks: A Scientist Looks at Catastrophes and Ancient Civilization

Voyages of the Pyramid Builders: The True Origins of the Pyramids from Lost Egypt to Ancient America

Settegast, Mary
Plato Prehistorian: 10,000 to 5,000 B.C. - Myth, Religion, Archaeology

Sidharth, B.G.
The Celestial Key to the Vedas: Discovering the Origins of the World’s Oldest Civilization

Temple, Robert K.G.
The Crystal Sun

Wilson, Colin & Rand Flem-ath
The Atlantis Blueprint: Unlocking the Ancient Mysteries of a Long-Lost Civilization

Witkowski, Igor
Axis of the World, The Search for the Oldest American Civilization

Zapp, Ivar & George Erikson
Atlantis in America: Navigators of the Ancient World