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Nomadics Exercises

Bodymind Exercises & Movement Meditations

nomadics2All human body movements - from simple, every-day actions to complex athletic and dance skills - are based upon five fundamental movement dynamics of Coordination, Flexibility, Strength, Endurance and Balance. The development of each of these movement dynamics is the key to complete physical conditioning. No single exercise, dance or athletic activity addresses all five of these movement dynamics in an efficient and balanced way. The NOMADICS exercise system answers that need.

NOMADICS are a unique synthesis of athletic and dance exercises, physical therapy techniques, and meditation practices from around the world. A truly comprehensive exercise system consisting of four distinct movement forms, Nomadics effectively develops each of the five fundamental movement dynamics. In addition to their physical benefits, the Nomadics exercises also have a psycho-spiritual effect. Research findings in the fields of somatic psychology and psychoneuroimmunology indicate that training the body for strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and balance simultaneously develops those same qualities in the mind. In other words, psychology may be accessed through physiology. Utilizing the Nomadics movement-meditations, we can work on our minds by working on our bodies.

nomadics8There is one instruction video for each of the the four Nomadics exercise forms. The videos are one hour and twenty minutes long and are excellent teaching tools. Each video shows the form two times. In the first part of each video the form is demonstrated at the speed at which it is normally practiced. During this demonstration, comments are given regarding the fundamentals and philosophy of the Nomadics system. During the second part of the video the same form is again demonstrated - at a slower pace - and detailed instructions are given regarding each of the postures and movements in the form.

Flow DVD

This form consists of a series of 60 discreet exercises performed in a fluid interconnected sequence. The various exercises are designed to wake up and warm up the body's major and minor muscle groups while simultaneously articulating all the joint structures through their full range of motion. The Flow movements are an excellent way to start the day and a superb warm-up for any athletic or dance activity.

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nomadics9Flexibility DVD

This form blends 40 classical yoga postures and contemporary stretching techniques with Tai Chi-style movements. This form increases the limberness, suppleness and agility of the body while simultaneously drawing attention to mental and emotional blocks. Practice of this form also yields the benefits of internal organ massage, stimulation of a large number of acupuncture points, chiropractic decompression of joint structures, and deeply relaxing, myofascial release.

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Strength DVD

This form blends fluid isometric exercises with aerobic and anaerobic conditioning to develop the power and endurance of all the body's major muscle groups. The 30 exercises of this form duplicate classic weight lifting movements (without the use of weights) with a greater range of motion and with no chance of strain or injury. While rapidly building physical strength, practice of this form also increases self confidence and personal discipline.

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nomadics12Coordination DVD

This form combines juggling and ball-spinning, African and Sufi dance movements, and Feldenkrais-style body awareness techniques - all done at the same time - to develop increased utilization and integration of left and right brain functions, and simultaneous, multiple-focus awareness. Current scientific studies indicate that most people utilize no more than 15% of their inherent brain capacity. Practice of the Nomadics Coordination / Multi-movement form opens the door to the remaining 85%.

The NOMADICS exercises were developed by Martin Gray, an athlete and movement student for thirty years. With a background in tree climbing, yoga, and endurance swimming, Martin became a high-altitude distance runner, a triathlete, a transcontinental bicyclist, an African dancer, and a world-class juggler. Martin has studied neuromuscular and myofascial bodywork for over twenty years and is a brilliant innovator, artist, and teacher of movement.

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