BIBLIOGRAPHY: in two forms (by subject area and alphabetical)

During two decades of researching, visiting and writing about pilgrimage traditions and sacred places I have consulted more than 2000 sources of textual information; including books, journal articles, and Ph.D. dissertations. The following two bibliographies contain what I consider to be the best of that material. This extensive list has been provided for those who are interested in exploring pilgrimage, sacred sites and related studies in more depth and detail.      —Martin Gray

Bibliography #1 is a catagorization of approximately 500 sources into 35 different subject areas. The selection of the subject areas and the choice of where to assign books that are concerned with multiple subjects are purely a reflection of my own ideas and biases. Additionally, some books have been mentioned two or more times because they contain significant information in several subject areas. Bibliography # 1 is preceded by an alphabetical list of the 35 subject areas. The first category in the list, Martin’s Favorite Books on Pilgrimage, Sacred Sites, and Related Things, has short descriptions describing each of the books.

Bibliography #2 is presented in the conventional manner of bibliographic listings. More than 1500 sources are listed according to the alphabetized order of the author’s names. The publisher, publisher’s address and date of publication are also included.

These bibliographies are frequently updated. If any readers know of sources that would be a good inclusion in these bibliographies, please send Martin Gray the relevant information by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

BIBLIOGRAPHY #1: 500 Sources in 35 major subject areas.

BIBLIOGRAPHY #2: 1500 Sources in alphabetical order.